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Luke and Laura

Another day, another cup of mocha--specifically the cup of mocha from Rojo's. Not too sweet, not too bitter. The perfect beginning to the day. . .

A disk of bittersweet chocolate on the side, an afternoon walk, and a catch up chat with a friend.

I should be inspired and ready to write with just enough time left to catch General Hospital--my new/old obsession since retirement. In keeping with the theme of feeling young again--the VERY SAME soap I was obsessed with in high school and, in fact, cut a Physics Class for (on test day), walking to my best friend's house after an elaborate scheme that involved the daughter of her mother's house cleaning client calling the school nurse and faking an excuse. Yes, we were caught. And yes I feigned great remorse and yes we somehow got out of there and were able to join the ranks of 30 million other viewers for the wedding of Luke and Laura.

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