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Screen door slams. . .

I've been a diehard Bruce fan since the 70's when my Uncle John introduced me to The River album. I always loved story, and what's great about Bruce's music is the story-- the characters, the frame of a life he paints with his words. Pure poetry. And yes, I also believe Bob Dylan, the songwriter/poet is a bona fide candidate and deserving recipient of the Nobel prize in literature. But that's a tribute for another day.

I'm not sure how this duet flew under my radar, but I only became aware of it about a year ago while listening to one of the guest DJ's on Springsteen radio talking about it. In my humble opinion, it's one of the best renditions of this song ever, and Melissa does it justice.

Here's my greatest memory of listening to it. It's 1988 or so, and I'm back in LA visiting my friend Lydia from college. She's purchased a vintage red Mustang convertible and we have the top down, Springsteen cassette in the player, wind in our hair, cruising along the Sunset Strip, palm trees, and this song explodes into the atmosphere, "Screen doors slam. . ." Ah, beautiful youth and the memories.

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