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Every day I write the book.

If you're looking for some creative nourishment, plus a dose of inspiration and encouragement I recommend Elizabeth Gilbert's book Big Magic. Here's my favorite takeaway: "Done is Better Than Good". She makes a great case for finishing your work and forgetting about seeking perfection. Me and my OCD mind could use this advice. Get it written, get it done, get it out there.

I heard this song the other day and it inspired me to recommit to the novel. Not that this song is really about writing a novel so much as living a life and having the book write itself, but still...

On a Wiki search for Elvis Costello, I discover the history of I Write the Book goes something like this. It took him 10 minutes to write it. He wanted to challenge himself to use a formula yet make the song mean something. This song then ends up being one of the most loved Costello songs. Go figure. He doesn't make much of an emotional investment in the song, but it becomes wildly popular. There's a message in there for my writing habits, maybe?

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