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These are a few of my favorite kings.

This is French Canadian singer David Thibault and, in my mind, the third king. There's Elvis, "The King of Rock and Roll", there's Michael Jackson, "The King of Pop", and there's David, "The King"of insanely spot-on imitation of a legend.

"Blue Christmas", written by Billy Hayes and Jay W. Johnson, was first released in 1957 on Elvis' Christmas Album, and in 1964 as a 45 rpm that reached #1 on the Billboard Christmas Singles chart.

This video has been around for a few years, but it amazes me every time I hear it. This, folks, is pure musical reincarnation!

Technology has it's virtues, but nothing can recreate the iconic sound of a legend the way David can with his voice and his reach- into -your soul and grab your ears and heart rendition of this Christmas classic.

Days like today make me wish I had a turntable and a pile of old albums. I have fond memories of being at my grandparent's home and tearing out TIME LIFE flexi discs, which were recordings pressed on thin plastic and inserted into magazines. This was my introduction to The Swing Era and the sounds of Tommy Dorsey and Artie Shaw and Glenn Miller.

Apparently, with vinyl being popular again, there is also a revival in flexi discs. I would love to own one of every release, beginning with the Johnny Cash complimentary promo disc that came with a purchase of Snowdrift lard!

Now the thought of lard turns my thoughts to butter and cookies-- the anticipation of the comforting smells of butter and nuts baking in the oven. Rainy and nearing December, a perfect day for filling the CD player up with my favorite holiday tunes and beginning the Christmas cookie baking extravaganza. Music and cookies, these are a few of my favorite things.

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