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Snow Day!

One of my favorite scenes from my very favorite holiday movie

NOW, it feels like winter. Finally, some fluffy white stuff fell out of the sky instead of that miserable rainy, damp, dreary, 40 degrees kind of muck that made up too many of our winter days in December. I try, every year, not to complain too much or threaten to move to Southern California where I once experienced 4 years of the most heavenly mild winters on earth. If it's going to be winter, and you live on the East Coast, then let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. . .

When I heard the shovels outside my window, I waited for the automated call from school announcing a delayed opening for snow. Then I remembered, I'm a RETIRED teacher and that call won't be coming to my phone anymore!

Do I miss teaching? Yes. Do I miss the daily stress? NO! Today was another rite of passage in this retired teacher's life. NO more SNOW DAYS! There will be SNOW, but it won't have quite the same significance as it used to for me.

This once was my favorite song to hear on Action News when snow was in the forecast

My heart used to swell with joy when Adam Joseph or Cecily Tynan, my go-to Action News weather people would talk of snow in the forecast. Turns out I still feel a little thrill thinking about waking up to a snow white world, majestic pine trees powder-sugared with snow.

For all you teachers still pursuing the noble profession, check out John Rocco's book Blizzard, which recounts the 1978 storm that dumped 40 inches of snow in his Rhode Island hometown.

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