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How many times?

Dylan's question keeps turning in my mind, now more than ever. . .We're on the brink of major transition, and I know I am not alone in my unease as the baton is poised for the pass.

I sit in gratitude for the America I experienced with President Barack Obama--an America moving in the direction of acceptance, validation, diversity, and hope. I pray this will still be the America we live in four years from now.

Which brings us to why we need voices from everywhere standing up, speaking out, and protecting our democracy and our Constitution. Be it from Meryl Streep in Hollywood, or anybody else, anywhere in the United States.

So, America, we're going to need some comforting in these days leading up to the inauguration. Personally, I'm going to make up a list of comfort food favs and go shopping for my ingredients. What's your favorite comfort food? What do you plan to do this time next week? I would love to hear from you!

Personally, I'm going to surround myself with the cookbooks and recipes of a few of my favorite people-- Pati Jinich and Ina Garten.

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