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One day at this time. . .

If you haven't caught the brilliant new reboot of One Day At A Time, put it in your queue ASAP! It is fresh, relevant, and clever. The comedic writing is spot on and issues like race, immigration, PTSD, gender, sexuality, and divorce are handled with incredible wit, thoughtfulness, and finesse.

I was initially drawn to the Netflix series for two reasons--Rita Moreno and Norman Lear--both icons and masterful in their craft. Of course anyone who remembers watching the Norman Lear shows of the 70's is already aware of the enlightenment he brought to issues of that decade. Groundbreaking and trenchant, his original One Day At A Time, Maude and All in the Family among others, provided a true glimpse into what really went on around the dinner table and in the homes of America; the reincarnation of his latest show does the same.

In a recent episode, Elena, played by the incredibly talented Isabella Gomez, "outs" herself to her mother. It rings with authenticity as does the reaction of her mother Penelope, who is initially less than comfortable with the news. Major props to the show for tackling the intricacies of feelings and reactions that ripple through a family when this type of revelation occurs.

This multi-generational glimpse of today's America is refreshing, enlightening, and REAL. Given the current political climate it is more important than ever to see what OUR America looks like vs. the weird, Dystopian, "alternative facts"/ alternative universe America being projected from elsewhere.

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