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My first champagne. . .

It's July, 1981 and we're celebrating at a restaurant called The Broadmoor, where they serve delicious French Silk Pie and I'm a little in love with the handsome and affable owner John. It's my dad's 40th birthday party and Schramsberg Cremant is being served--the same sparkling wine poured for toasts at the White House Dinners during the Reagan presidency. The story of the wine making odyssey that begins with Jacob Schram is a true rags-to-riches one, and the early days of the vineyard are documented by the great novelist Robert Louis Stevenson in a book called The Silverado Squatters.

Technically this is NOT my first sparkling wine, so much as it's one of the first memorable ones. I developed a thirst for bubbly very early on, and a taste for high quality soon after. Since my father is in the wine business there will be many sips of luxury brand sparkling wines and champagnes to follow: Salon, Louis Roederer, and Cristal, to name a few-- but it will always be the Schramsberg that remains in my Champagne soul.

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