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  • By Susan Welsh


Rodger Marsh and Kate Short, the brother and sister team behind Meadowlark, are not in Kansas anymore. They did, however, name their restaurant after the state bird--a tribute to their hometown. The Meadowlark is considered to be a harbinger of good news and abundance of harvest, and that’s exactly what this new restaurant is for New Hope citizens and visitors.

photo courtesy Jim Frech

On a recent night we joined our fellow foodie friends Amy and Tim for a maiden voyage to Meadowlark, a space that exudes warmth from the deep olive millwork of the walls to the hip trio of brushed brass pendant lights hanging from the ceiling to the gorgeous handcrafted tables made by Kate’s husband David.

The small space is ideal for conversation and intimate dining—something that’s rare in some of the newly refurbished local restaurants designed to pack in crowds for quick turnover and quick profit. When Chef Rodger approaches the table to shave some fresh white truffles just delivered from Alba, Italy over a plate of perfectly cooked homemade agnolotti, I know we’ve come to the right place.

Everything we eat and share is delicious: Duck Carpaccio with Pistachio Orange Pesto, Diver Scallops over grilled polenta, pan-seared George Bank sole over Puy lentils and a 9-ounce block cut steak. But it’s the pasta with the truffles that captures my imagination and I’ll be back for more of the “upscale, seasonally-inspired” fare they’re all about—ingredients coming from local favorites like Solebury and Manoff Farm and Market Orchards, as well as Ely Farm and Milk House in Newtown.

The abundance at our table is exponentially increased with Amy and Tim’s gift to us--Alison Roman's Nothing Fancy. A quick Instagram check will illustrate for you just how popular her unfussy approach to cooking for others is. In her words, “using your time and resources to feed people you care about is the ultimate expression of love. And love is about expressing joy, not producing anxiety.” And just like that, she’s my new favorite cookbook author. The book itself is a gorgeous spread of mouth-watering photos, great recipes and lots of Alison’s wonderful thoughts on having people over for dinner. “Embrace the quirky imperfections that make dinner at your house special and different. It’s not a restaurant—you shouldn’t feel pressure to make it feel like one.”

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