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  • By Susan Welsh

Days of Wine and Rosés

Thanks to our friends Tim and Amy who introduced us to Alison Roman, we’re fast becoming an All Alison Roman All The Time household. Last night we roasted some tomatoes for her Bucatini recipe. The result was deeply satisfying—rib-sticking and loaded with umami flavor from the anchovies that melted right into the saucepan along with red onions and tomato paste.

This past weekend, seasonably cold and snowy with an icy mix coating the winding roads of Bucks County, was the perfect time for a cozy evening out and lots of delicious cheese like Humboldt Fog and Manchego before dinner. Manchego, by the way, is from La Mancha, the largest plain in Spain and home to Don Quixote, windmills and some of the world’s best saffron.

Another new favorite on the cheese board is a Pecorino with truffles that our new local McCaffrey’s is carrying along with a lot of other interesting and delicious options, namely Le Delice, a brie so supremely creamy, buttery, and delectable I don’t even have the words. Just purchase some, eat it straight off a spoon and thank me later. Or thank the great folks in the cheese department who are so enthusiastic and generous with their cheese samples.

Having narrowed down the champagne field (or vineyard as it were) to the one I’m most keen on— Brut Rosés, our friend Eric at the state store gave us an excellent recommendation this week. It’s Moutard Rose, made of 100% Pinot Noir. Boasting a creamy bead, beautiful balance and nice fruit, its also a terrific value at around $36.00 a bottle.

Steph’s choice was a 2017 B.R. Cohn Cabernet Sauvignon Silver Label North Coast that was lush and juicy and about as silky and soft as a cab can be— likely due to the 10% Merlot and 2 % Cabernet Franc that’s blended in. Her pick was strictly inspired by what she saw Grace Hanson pouring in the last episode of Grace and Frankie. Our liquor salesmen told us that B.R. Cohn, owner of the winery, is Bruce Cohn manager of the Doobie Brothers for 45 years. So, it seems less than 6 degrees of separation from all things Yacht Rock (see my last post).

There’s a trip to Rome in our near future so thoughts of food and wine gravitate towards the Eternal City. Instead of Champagne, there will be Prosecco, and instead of Cabernet, there will be flagons of Frascati and of course plenty of great espresso to power us through the streets and cathedrals and gardens. “Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto”!

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