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Yesterday's Wine

My father will forever speak to me through glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, his favorite varietal before giving up wine altogether. Too bad I didn’t remember, yesterday, was Sauvignon Blanc Day. A glass of Decoy, one his favorites, would have paired perfectly with our sushi from OOKA.

Crisp, elegant and varied depending on where it’s from, Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent choice for almost any food pairing. One rule of thumb to guide you is this: anything that would taste great with a squeeze of lemon on it will also work well with a glass of SB. Think roasted green vegetables, oysters, lobster. It also plays well with cheeses (especially tangy varieties) like goat and even Monterey Jack.

On my to-do list this week is to pick up a bottle of La Crema 2020 SB described as dazzling with fresh flavor and layers of tangerine, lemon peel, white peach and honeysuckle. Sounds like poetry in a glass, to me. It’s also reminiscent of the fragrant Spring walks home from the 3 room school house I attended. Walking uphill and around a bend, led to another road lined with a thicket of honeysuckle vines. We would stop to pull the stems and release a droplet of honeyed nectar onto our tongues. Pure delight.

Weeks later, the freedom of summer would arrive along with frequent visits to nearby orchards for peaches and apricots, best enjoyed fully warmed by the sun and ripe with an abundance of sticky, sweet/sour juice. The fragrance of the fruit, the heat of summer, and the feel of freedom in the air— every glass of wine I drink is an attempt to recreate all of that. "Aging with time, like yesterday’s wine. . ."

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